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If you are NOT a current customer, to become one, give us a call at the office! 

One of our qualified customer service representatives will go over the details and answer any questions you have about the process and help you in any way they can along the way! 



Once we have completed our survey, we can schedule a time to have one of our qualified Service Technicians come out and install the tank, check out your appliances and be on their way! 

Quick, Easy and Efficient! 



After the initial tank set or any time your tank is reading between 30-40% give our office a call, where again, the qualified office ladies will get you taken care of with all your scheduling needs! 



Your propane system consists of FOUR major parts: 

  • The Propane Storage Tank - Ranging in sizes from 120 - 1000 Gallon capacities. 

  • The Underground Piping - Differing in length, depending on location of tank. 

  • The Piping within the home - (done by contractor generally) - this is how the propane would reach the appliances in the house. 

  • The Appliances in the home - Different appliances will affect the usage you have with your propane! 

How WE can help you: 

  • Tank Leases - Depending on your usage we have a wide variety of tank sizes to reach all types of needs. 

  • The Underground Piping - Once you have the trenches dug we can get you on the schedule for the piping to be installed! 

  • The Tank Installation - After you get your pipe Job signed off by the county inspector, We would be able to come back out and hook up the tank to those lines! 

  • The Appliances within the home - When the tank is hooked up this will give our technicians the chance to Pressure test the underground lines and make sure the appliances fire up properly and safely! 

*Disclaimer: We do not install gas lines inside the home, nor do we install or convert any appliances! 


With Shasta Gas Propane, when you receive a delivery, our drivers will leave a copy of the receipt provided from the metered pump on the back of their trucks! (This receipt is considered your first bill.

  • You are able to pay any bills in the form of: 

    • Cash 

    • Check 

    • Debit/Credit Card 

*Cash: Taken as payment in the office or directly to Service Tech or Delivery man at your House! 

*Debit/Credit: Taken as payment in the office or over the phone with one of our office staff members! 

*Check: Taken as Payment in the office, Directly to Service Tech or Delivery Man or mailed Directly to us at one of the following addresses: 

Shasta Gas Propane  

PO Box 532 

Palo Cedro CA. 96073

Shasta Gas Propane 

5010 Deschutes Rd. 

Anderson CA. 96007

Easy Payment Plan (EPP): 

  • Starting in the month of April, we offer what we like to call the "Easy Payment Plan." 

    • We offer this plan as a way to help customers prepare for the busy winter months when the propane prices are a little higher, by allowing you to build a credit on the account to go towards those pricy winter deliveries.  

    • The plan starts In April, where you begin by having your tank filled up at a discounted price! You must pay your account balance off to be zero so that way starting in may you will begin your equal monthly payments and start to build the credit on your account! 

      • After the first installment is made in May by the 15th, subsequent monthly payments will be due by the 15th of each month for the 11 months to follow. 

      • Your payment amount is calculated using the sum of your last year of gallons and a average price per gallon. All annual gallons and prices are estimated. If it happens that the economy changes more drastically then we expect this can always affect the way the credit helps the account. As long as your account balance stays below $100 at all times, there would be no interruption in your delivery services. 

      • These payments are used to build a credit onto the account, they are not used to pay off any balance on the account. 

*These payments are not required to be made, meaning if you do not make one because of any reason, there will not be late fees added. 

*Late fees are added to any account with a balance that has been due for over 30 days, and for each 30 days after the original due date, another late fee would be added.* 

  • Please contact the office with any questions at all! 

Ready to schedule your propane delivery or have questions about our services? Give us a call today!
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