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Our Staff

The Owners

Charles and Judy Kinnie 

Nana and pappy_edited.jpg

Chuck and Judy Opened Shasta Gas Propane In the spare bedroom of their home in 1997 along with opening Shasta Tanks in 2014!

Judy worked in the office keeping the book straight and the customers happy, while chuck was out taking care of tank sets and deliveries. 

In the year of 2013 Judy retired to stay home and hang out with her grand children while chuck is currently still an active employee! 


Karen Wehunt 


Karen has been apart of the company since the beginning! She obtained her Class A drivers license along with all necessary and required endorsements to be able to be the one and only female bobtail driver that Shasta Gas has had on board! 

She currently hold the position of President and these days does most of her work from the comfort of her office! 

Vice President 

Jason Wehunt 


Jason has officially been with Shasta Gas since 2006. 

He started off as a delivery driver while also doing service work alongside Chuck! 

Working his way into a management position to eventually become our current Vice President. 

He oversees all projects within Shasta Gas and also our sister company Shasta Tanks! 

Opperations Manager 

Dennis Voigtman 

Dennis at Desk_.jpg

Dennis has been here with us since 2003! 

Being one of our first few servicemen to join Chuck in the setting of tanks! 

He now has been in the office here as the Operations Manager and route coordinator for the last few years! 

When asked what his favorite memory so far of working here would be, he said, "Working all kinds of hours setting tanks with Chuck in the beginning and all the challenging aspects that come with the job."

Service Technicians

Zach Voigtman

Adam Stevens 

Zach picture_.jpg

Zach has officially been with us since 2018, although he has always accompanied Dennis, his father, to work. So he has been learning everything one needs to know about propane since he was around 10-12 years old along with his other brothers as well!  

Adam has been working at Shasta Gas since around 2016, where he started off refurbishing tanks to have ready for tank sets and doing yard maintenance. 

He is now our seasonal service Technician and delivery driver during the winter months of the year! 

On-Site Mechanic

Josh Voigtman

Josh At work_.jpg

Josh started here with us officially in 2015. Working in the yard over the years doing many different jobs! He is our on site mechanic for all of our truck and equipment needs! Along with Zach and their other two brothers Josh has been running around here learning everything he can since he was a young boy! 

Customer Service Representatives 

Marlene Da San Martino 

Sunshine Stevens 

Marlene has been with us here since 2021. 

When asked what her favorite part of working here would be she said, "The environment. We sure have a lot of fun here in the office!" 

Sunshine has worked here for many years as well as a part time employee in the office! Recently once finishing school she has stepped on full time as a customer service representative as well as handling the billing for our sister company Shasta Tanks! 

Delivery Drivers 

Steve Boutelle 

steve bobtail.jpg

Steve has been with us for a few years now! 

He is one of our Delivery drivers! 

When asked what his favorite part of working at Shasta Gas was, he stated, " 

David Kinser 

dave kinser truck_.jpg

Dave has been with us here at Shasta gas since (.  ). 

He is another one of our delivery drivers who works hard every day to make sure the customers are taken care of! 

Dave said his favorite part about working here is, "

Head of Compliance and Safety 

David Reed 

Dave At desk_.jpg

Dave has been with us since (   ). 

He started off like most as a delivery driver and service technician, as the time has gone on he has been in many positions around the yard. 

He is currently our Safety and compliance manager as he assures all equipment is meeting the safety standards and all vehicles are up to date for the states requirements! 

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