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Our History:

When we opened in 1997, our office started in the front spare bedroom of Chuck and Judy's house! 

Close quarters called for a lot of family time in the office, but as you can see, in this photograph here, the efficiency levels always remained intact! 


OG Office.jpg
mom and sunshine at work.jpg

This photograph showcases the importance of family time even when you are in the middle of starting up what is now one of the larger, family owned companies in Shasta County! 

(President, Karen Wehunt)

chuck with first bobtail.jpg

During the start up, We acquired our first bobtail! 

This is a photo from 1997 of owner, Chuck Kinnie, Standing proudly in front of his purchase. 


During this time technology had not quite been so advanced, which just meant handwriting everything was key. Chuck made all deliveries with this truck having to hand write each one in order to keep clean records. 

These days, they are using new technologies to track deliveries and great software's to transfer this information back to the office! Making work not only quicker and more efficient, but a lot easier to read! 

the old office.jpg

From the Spare Bedroom we moved in to this rental space on East St. in Anderson! 

Judy and Karen worked alongside other members of the family in the office here taking delivery orders and signing up new customers! 

While Chuck was out in the field with our other service men setting tanks and making deliveries!  

secon copy og fam pic.jpg

As the years have gone on the Lord has continued to bless us! 

Being able to have all of the proper equipment has impacted the growth of our company and we give all thanks to the Lord when thinking back on our journey and how much we have progressed. 

office 2013_edited.jpg

By October 4, 2013, We posted this photo to our Facebook page with the caption stating; 

"Coming Very Soon!!!!" 

The building of our new office was complete and we were soon going to be moving into this space to continue our services from the comfort of our very own space! 

By May 10, 2014, We held a grand opening where our customers were invited to join us in the celebration of our new space and enjoy some food while they were there! 

No better way to soak up the biggest blessing then to be alongside our customers that made it all possible! 

Grand opening front office.jpg

Currently we remain in our office full of our lovely staff members who are driven to serve the community! 


Since the original bobtail purchase, we are now complete with a total of five bobtails and two service trucks in order to reach our wide span of Shasta and Tehama County areas! 

As the time goes on and the Lord continues to bless us, we look forward to adding to our story and maybe one day serve you as our customer! 

Because here at Shasta Gas Propane, 

"R Customers R Warm Friends" 

trucks with cool sky_edited.jpg
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