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Propane Safety at your home: 

Propane Safety at your home can be seen in many areas including the appliances inside the home, propane lines throughout the home and outside connecting to the tank. There are many things that you should be careful of when operating with propane. For starters propane, like many other fuels is a very flamable gas. This means you must be cautious and pay close attention when using appliances that run off of propane. You need to be aware that propane just like other gases alike, can leak from the storage tank or from appliances that it powers. these leaks can be dangerous and should be recognized as soon as possible. When/If you ever smell propane around or outside your home please call our office immediantly so we can have a technician come out and check your system! (or call your current propan provider.) A few things to do if you smell propane: - Go outside to the tank and shut it off using the shut off valve at the top of the tank. - If you smell propane inside the home, stay outside and refrain from using any outlets in the house or light switches. - Call your provider as soon as possible to have an inspection done! Some appliances that may run off propane would be: - Heating system: when possible systems should be cleaned to prevent lint/dirt build up. -Water Heaters: periodically drain your tank until the water runs clean in order to prevent sediment build up. -Ranges: should be cleaned frequestly to prevent buildup around burners which can be flammable. Also report any burner issues to your povider so they can refer you to an appliance repair tech that can service the appliance. -Generator: make sure to noramlly cycle your generator per factory recomendation to ensure it is working properly.

Propane Safety with your Grill: 

Propane Safety with your Grill is another important element to understand. Whether you are a frequent user of your propane grill or a new user, there are always safety concerns at hand. Do's: -Always use your grill outdoors to provide proper ventilation. -Make sure all burners are in the off postion before leaving the grill unnatended. -Also turn the propane tank to the off position located on the top of the cylinder. -Always make sure propane tanks are stored in an location away from any source of igntion and placed in the upright postion. -Always travel with your tank strapped down inside of a open bed vehicle. Dont's: -NEVER bring cylinders inside of your home or office in case of leak. -NEVER travel with or leave a clyinder inside of a closed cab vehicle. -NEVER use a match or lighter to inspect for a leak. -NEVER leave children around propane unattended.

Installation Information: 

When it comes to Installing a tank at your property, there are many regulations you must follow in order to ensure your safety! The figure presented in fig. 1 is a reference to these standards and explained below. 1) All tanks under 125 Gallons are able to be placed against the structure, while still being min of 10-feet from an windows, sources of ignition, or ventilation spaces. 2) Tanks larger t

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