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California Safe Appliance Installation Rebate

WHO IS ELIGIBLE? Rebates are available to California propane customers who have a safe, professional installation of a propane appliance or hearth product that replaces an electric, wood, heating oil, or wood pellet model . Propane companies and their employees are not eligible to receive rebates.

WHAT APPLIANCE INSTALLATIONS ARE ELIGIBLE? The following safe appliance installations are eligible:

* Clothes dryer - $100 rebate

* Furnace - $350

* Hearth appliance/fireplace insert - $350

* Stove/oven/cooktop - $200

* Water heater (tank or tankless) - $300

Installations must take place in California and be inspected by a propane marketer with operations in California. Only one rebate shall be paid for each eligible installation. WPERC reserves the right to limit the total number of rebates that may be paid to an applicant.

Completed and approved applications should have a rebate check issued within 60-90 days after the application is received at the WPERC office, subject to available funds. No applicant has a legal right or other entitlement to receive rebates under the program or this agreement. A completed application does not bind WPERC to approve or pay a rebate to any applicant.

An applicant or propane marketer may be suspended from, or declared ineligible to participate in the rebate program if the WPERC determines that the applicant or propane marketer has submitted false information or otherwise violated program terms and conditions. Within 30 days after WPERC suspends or declares an applicant or propane marketer ineligible, the applicant or propane marketer may appeal the action by submitting the appeal in writing to WPERC. Actions taken by WPERC with respect to the appeal will be final. An applicant or propane marketer who submits false information pertinent to a rebate is subject to criminal and civil penalties including U.S. Mail fraud.

WHAT IS THE REQUIRED SAFETY INSPECTION? A safety inspection must be performed by or on behalf of a participating propane marketer after the installation of each new qualifying appliance and the result of that inspection must be documented on the application form. The safety inspection for qualifying water heater installations must, at a minimum, include the following: 1) a leak test; 2) a pressure test if required by applicable laws, rules and regulations; and 3) a flow and lock up test on the regulator(s). A “Gas Check” is an acceptable safety inspection. Written documentation of the safety inspection is required.

All applications must have a delivery date no later than 30 days after the safety inspection. WPERC will reject any application with a delivery date later than the 30 day period. If WPERC rejects an application with a late delivery date, a re-inspection will have to be performed and the application resubmitted according to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

WHEN DOES THE PROGRAM BEGIN AND END? The rebate program begins September 1, 2011, and ends August 31, 2012, or when program funds are exhausted. The payment of a rebate under the program or this agreement is subject to available funds. If available funds run out during the program year, WPERC may elect to carry over applications until the next program year. All eligible installations must occur during the rebate program. Installations that are not for permanent use are not eligible for the rebates.

California Safe Appliance Installation

Rebate Application

Submit this completed form with the required documentation to the Western Propane Education and Research Foundation (WPERC) at the address at the bottom of this page. To apply for this rebate:

(1)Applicant and the applicant’s propane marketer must sign the application;

(2)Attach the required safety inspection record dated not more than 30 days prior to this application;

(3)Keep a copy of the completed application and all necessary documentation for your records.


(please check which appliance was replaced)

* Clothes Dryer - $100

* Hearth Appliance/Fireplace Insert - $350

* Furnace - $350

* Stove/Oven - $200

* Water Heater - $300

Old (non-propane) Brand


Serial No.














New (propane) Brand



Serial No.


Install date










Information that must be submitted with application (failure to submit both will disqualify application)

(____) Copy of paid invoice for purchase of appliance.

(____) Copy of safety inspection records (must be dated within 30 days of application postmark).

APPLICANT INFORMATION (where the rebate check will be mailed)




















Installation location if different from above






I hereby agree not to remove the eligible appliance from service for five years. I understand that this rebate is available only through authorized propane marketers in California, that it is not a government program, and that the program may end at any time. I understand the Western Propane Education & Research Council and the Western Propane Gas Association assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the installation, inspection or testing of the qualifying appliance or any associated gas system and, by issuing a rebate, makes no representation, warranty or guarantee regarding the qualifying appliance or the associated gas system. WPERC and WPGA disclaim any liability for any personal injury, property damage, business losses, or any other damages of any other nature whatsoever, whether special, indirect, consequential or compensatory, directly or indirectly arising from the installation of the qualified appliance.

Applicant signature Date
























I understand and agree to all rules and conditions for participation in this program. I acknowledge that the installation at this location is eligible for a rebate and that the installation meets all program terms and conditions. I hereby declare that I am authorized to sign this application and that the information stated herein is true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge. I agree to comply with all laws, rules and regulations governing the installation of the qualifying appliance and with the manufacturer’s installation instructions. By signing this application, I affirm that this installation passed the safety inspection defined in the program and certified by the attached inspection record.




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